Redefining Beauty and Wellness After 50 with Deborah & Julianna Grimes

Welcome to another episode of The Over 50 Health & Wellness Show! In this enlightening episode, we’re joined by Deborah Grimnes and Juliana Grimnes, the visionary mother-daughter founders of Give-A-Derm, a skincare brand that’s setting new standards in the beauty industry by promoting health, individuality, and toxin-free products. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

The Backstory: Discover how a health scare caused by a dermatological treatment gone wrong propelled Deborah and Juliana on a quest to create a skincare line that is safe, effective, and luxurious, all while promoting wellness at every age.

The Mission of Give-A-Derm: Understand the philosophy behind Give-A-Derm, a company that challenges conventional beauty standards and advocates for self-love, individuality, and embracing the beauty of aging without compromising on health.

The Importance of Toxin-Free Skincare: Learn about the harmful effects of common chemicals found in skincare products and why Deborah and Juliana are passionate about providing products that support the body’s health.

Juliana’s Expertise: Gain insights from Juliana’s expertise as a licensed massage therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage, and how this influenced their product development to ensure each item supports the body’s natural processes.

Personal Journeys to Product Creation: Hear firsthand accounts of the trial and error, research, and dedication that went into formulating their skincare line, ensuring each product meets their stringent standards for purity and performance.

Challenging Beauty Norms: Explore how Give-A-Derm is contributing to a shift in societal norms around beauty, aging, and wellness, encouraging both men and women to feel confident and healthy in their skin.

Key Takeaways: Deborah and Juliana share practical tips for individuals looking to transition to a cleaner, more health-conscious skincare routine, and how to embrace aging with grace and vitality.

Resources Mentioned:

Give-A-Derm Website (use coupon code “SILVEREDGE” to save 10% off your first order):

Give-A-Derm YouTube:

EWG’s Skin Deep Database: A tool recommended for checking the safety of skincare ingredients.

Connect with Deborah and Juliana:

Instagram: @giveaderm

Facebook: @giveafderm


Special Offer for Listeners:

Use code “SILVEREDGE” at checkout on the Give-A-Derm website for a 10% discount on your first purchase.Thank you for tuning into this episode of The Over 50 Health & Wellness Show. If you enjoyed this conversation with Deborah and Juliana Grimnes, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review us on your favorite podcast platform. Until next time, embrace your health, beauty, and the journey of aging with confidence and joy.

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