The Godfather of Strength & Conditioning Dan John

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, of not over-complicating things.  I like to take complex concepts and study them and break them down into easy-to-understand chunks.  I remember a professor in college once telling me that if I couldn’t explain a concept to a child, that I didn’t fully understand that concept myself. …

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Seeing the Problem Clearly with Jake Steiner

If you’ve listened to this show for any length of time you know I’m a huge proponent of being your own health advocate, of talking full responsibility and ownership for your health.  As one of my former guests Dr. Kien Vuu put it, you are your own best medicine.  I frequently rail against the common…

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Busting Nutrition Myths with The Healthy Skeptic Dr. Robert J. Davis

Are you skeptical about health and nutrition claims?  You should be.  There is no single source of truth when it comes nutrition, most general practice physicians have little to no training on the subject, we’re constantly being bombarded with conflicting new-studies-show type headlines from the media, shysters and hustlers are promising amazing weight loss success…

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Which is Better for Fat Loss – Cardio or Strength Training?

An Old Man Doing Cardio

What’s better for burning fat – cardio or strength training?  Everybody knows that cardio is the best way to lose weight and burn fat, right?  Not so fast.  Like many things in the exercise and nutrition universe, the answer is nuanced.  But the prevailing notion of reduce calories and increase cardiovascular activity has been around…

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Adventure Has No Age Limit with Dr. Alyssa Kuhn

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn

When’s the last time you had an adventure?  When is the last time you did something challenging and exciting?  When is the last time that you went exploring?  When’s the last time you took a risk, or did something bold?  Many of us lose our sense of adventure as we grow older.  Perhaps we have…

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