What I’m Selling (and What You’re Buying)

I’ve been in sales most of my adult life. I spent twenty plus years as a technology salesman, selling networking, datacenter, cyber security, and cloud solutions to companies. I’ve learned to pitch my offerings in the best light possible, to describe how wonderful life would be for the company once they chose our company to…

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Which is Better for Fat Loss – Cardio or Strength Training?

An Old Man Doing Cardio

What’s better for burning fat – cardio or strength training?  Everybody knows that cardio is the best way to lose weight and burn fat, right?  Not so fast.  Like many things in the exercise and nutrition universe, the answer is nuanced.  But the prevailing notion of reduce calories and increase cardiovascular activity has been around…

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How To Feel Full While Dieting

Diet Misconceptions

Let’s face it, losing weight is hard. No one likes the feeling of constantly being hungry or being denied foods they truly love. But the fact remains, to lose weight we need to be in a calorie deficit – that is we need to eat fewer calories than we expend. But as anyone who has…

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Reclaim Functional Movements

Your body is an amazing machine! It was designed to move in many different ways. Your body should be capable of walking, running, jumping, hinging, squatting, pushing, pulling, lunging, climbing, picking things up and putting them into overhead spaces, bending, twisting, balancing, swimming, and even pirouetting! You should be capable of short intense bursts of…

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Emotional Eating Tips

A Woman Trying to Avoid Sweet Food

Normally this would be the perfect time of year to do a post about holiday eating tips… but these aren’t exactly normal times.  Due to the pandemic, many of us won’t be gathering with friends and relatives for drinks, dinners, cookie exchange parties, and general merriment.  Instead, I thought I’d share a few tips on…

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How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels for Men Over 50


I more than doubled my testosterone levels naturally in my forties, utilizing lifestyle changes. But before we get into that, let me tell you a bit of my story. Through most of my thirties and into my early forties I was active, primarily with endurance training and events. During that time I completed six marathons,…

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How to Lose the Dreaded Quarantine 15

Quarantine 15

Here we are in August 2020, and COVID-19 with its restrictions doesn’t appear to be leaving us any time soon. We’ve all had to adapt to some sort of new normal. Depending on where you live that could mean wearing a mask in public places, maintaining six feet of distance from others, and limited access…

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Organic Versus Local

Locally Grown Vegetables

As a conscientious shopper, I try to purchase the best quality food possible. One way of doing this is to shop organic. For a food to be labelled organic, the producer must abide by a stringent set of government standards. In the United States the USDA qualifies produce as organic if no synthetic pesticides, chemical…

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The “Secret” to Healthy Sustainable Weight Loss

There is an absurd amount of information swirling around the mystical science of weight loss. In the United States the weight loss market (online weight loss programs, consulting services, etc.) is valued at $72B, while the worldwide market comes in at a whopping $190B. In addition, the global weight loss supplement industry was estimated at…

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Eating GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms

A while back I was talking with a friend who works for one of the top four mega agri-business firms, and the topic of GMOs came up. Now this guy isn’t a scientist (he’s an architect), but he’s really bright and in general I respect his opinions. He gave me a primer on the origins…

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