The 4.5 Trillion Dollar Question: Can We Fix Our Health? with Ari Tulla

As of 2021, the US alone spent $4.3 TRILLION dollars on health care, and over $600 BILLION dollars on prescription drugs, and those numbers are increasing steadily. And yet despite all of this money and the amazing advances in medical technology, we’re sicker than ever and getting sicker. 

What’s going on here – and who’s to blame? Is the problem the system? Or does the fault lie with us, the consumer? If you’re someone who is interested in how we as aging individuals can defy the odds and live strong, healthy, vital lives, then stick around. We have a great show for you today!

My guest today is Ari Tulla. Ari is a serial entrepreneur whose mission is to transform food from the leading cause of disease to medicine. He is also an angel investor, investing in such startups as Virta Health, Oura, Good Eggs, and many more. Today Ari is the co-founder and CEO of Elo Health. Join us today as Ari help us navigate the world of technology and the future of medicine as it relates to healthy aging.

Join us today as Ari helps us navigate the murky waters of our modern food and medical systems to ensure you remain as healthy and vital as possible.

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