How to Prevent and Heal Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Akil Palanisamy

Autoimmune disease currently affects over 23 million American, and this number is rising dramatically, especially among those of us over 50.

But what exactly is autoimmune disease and what are the causes? And more importantly, what can we do to prevent, treat, and heal autoimmune disorders?

If you’re someone who has – or is – dealing with autoimmune disease, or if you know someone who is, stick around, we’re going to answer all your autoimmune related questions!

My guest today is Dr. Akil Palanisamy. Dr. Akil is a Harvard-trained physician, a well known speaker and educator and author. His latest book – titled The TIGER Protocol: An Integrative 5-Step Program to Treat and Heal Your Autoimmunity, has just released this week. 

Join us this week as Dr. Akil takes us on a deep dive onto the waters of autoimmunity – explaining what it is, what the main causes are, and more importantly the steps we can take now to treat and heal autoimmunity.

You can connect with Dr. Akil in the following ways:

Website –

Book – The TIGER Protocol: An Integrative 5-Step Program to Treat and Heal Your Autoimmunity –

Facebook – @doctorakil

Instagram – @doctorakil

Twitter – @doctorakil

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