Healing Through Health & Wellness with Nancy Flint-Budde

In this moving episode, I sit down with Nancy Flint-Budde who shares her unique perspective on navigating grief through investing in health and wellness. Less than 16 months after losing her husband to cancer, Nancy reveals how she’s using fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness to not only cope but to rebuild her life and rediscover her sense of self. 

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Grief and Trauma: Nancy underscores the importance of acknowledging the physical and emotional reactions our bodies have to trauma. She discusses the ways our parasympathetic nervous system can get out of balance during times of deep grief. 

The Power of Physical Wellness: Nancy highlights how certain exercises, especially resistance training, have been transformative for her, helping her reconnect with her body and gain a sense of control in her life. 

Healthy Changes Post-Trauma: Rather than adhering to the common advice of not making any changes post-loss, Nancy encourages listeners to actively seek out healthy changes. For her, this meant cutting out alcohol and focusing on nutrition, ultimately helping her regain control in her life. 

Rediscovering Control: Whether it’s through exercise, embarking on a new project, or changing dietary habits, Nancy stresses the importance of finding activities that help regain a sense of control and empowerment. 

Recreating Your Story: As past guest Debbie Waines pointed out, there’s immense power in starting something new and rewriting our narratives. This doesn’t mean forgetting or undermining past memories, but rather integrating them into our new chapter. 

The Healing Power of Laughter: Nancy reminds listeners of the therapeutic power of laughter. By sharing genuine stories, even humorous ones, of her late husband Al, she finds a path towards healing and connection. 

Call to Action: If you or someone you know is navigating the difficult waters of grief, consider sharing this episode. The path to healing can come from unexpected places, and for many, investing in our health and wellness could be the key. 

Connect With Nancy:

If you’d like to reach out and connect with Nancy to discuss her journey and thoughts on dealing with grief and trauma, you can email her at flintbudde@gmail.com.

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