Balance Your Immune System for Optimal Health with Dr. Heather Moday

Just what is an immune system? I mean, if I asked you to point to where your immune system lived in your body, where would you point? We all have an immune system, but unless you’re an immunologist, pinpointing and defining it can be tricky. But in this post Covid world we all live in, it’s never been more important to understand our immune system and to take steps to optimize it.

But here’s the thing – we’re all bio-individuals – with different histories and genetic make ups. And what is ideal for your immune system may not be well-suited for me. Some of us have hyperactive immune systems and others have weak immune systems. My guest today is Heather Moday and she is going to help us demystify our individual immune systems and teach us the steps we need to take to create healthy, balanced, optimized immune systems.

Heather is an immunologist trained in both traditional medicine and functional and integrative medicine. She is the founder of the Moday Center where she and her team help people optimize their health and immune systems. Heather is the author of the book titled The Immunotype Breakthrough: You Personalized Plan to Balance You Immune System, Optimize Health, and Build Lifelong Resilience.

In today’s episode Heather is going to help define exactly what an immune system is, how it works, and most importantly what you can do to build the strongest, most resilient immune system possible.

You can connect with Heather in the following ways:

Moday Center Website –

Book – the Immunotype Breakthrough by Dr. Heather Moday –

Immunotype Quiz –

Instagram – @ theimmunitymd

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