Your Cellular Health & the Future of Medicine with Dr. William Miller

One day in the ocean a wave was born. He started his life as a small swell, traveling along the ocean’s surface, slowly getting larger as it made his way towards land. He grew bigger and bigger, and as he grew he became aware of himself compared to the other waves. And still he grew, and as he approached the shore he reared up out of the sea and declared, “I am me, I am the mightiest wave in the ocean. I am unique – there is no other like me in all of the ocean.” He climbed up out of the sea, he roared in all his individual majesty, and then he crashed upon the shore. And as he dissolved back into the ocean, he realized that his individuality was an illusion – he always was, and he always would be the sea. 

So what does this simple story have to do with over 50 health and wellness? Bear with me, we’re going to connect this story to the bioverse, a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Sue, evolutionary biology, the future of medicine, quantum physics, and cyborgs.

My guest today is Dr. William Miller. Dr. Miller is an internationally known evolutionary biologist, medical doctor, author of seven acclaimed books and over three dozen peer reviewed, published articles. His latest book is Bioverse: How the Cellular World Contains the Secrets to Life’s Biggest Questions.

Join us today as we attempt to unravel some of life’s biggest mysteries, discuss the era of the cell, and learn what this means for your health and wellbeing today as well as the future of medicine and longevity. 

Buckle up, we’re in for a wild ride!

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