Calling All Over 50 Fitness Fanatics with Jeffrey Luke

In a few minutes you’re going to hear me say something along the lines it’s our mission at the Silver Edge to help get you into the best shape of your life – no matter your age. I repeat that every show in our podcast intro.

And maybe when you hear that you’re thinking that couldn’t possibly apply to you. That’s hyperbole, it’s just exaggerated marketing to get more people to listen to this podcast or to sell our coaching services to suckers who actually believe they can be in the best shape of their lives over 50.

Or heck, maybe you fast forward through the intro and have never heard me say that. But either way – is it true? Can we really be in the best shape of our lives in our 50s, 60s, and beyond? Stick around, we’re going to definitively answer that question for you today!

My guest today is Jeff Luke. Jeff is the founder of Iron Age Athletics. Iron Age is a brand dedicated to fitness fanatics over 50. Jeff doesn’t just want to help people survive – he wants to help them thrive. He wants to create a community that holds each other accountable, a safe place for fitness buffs to come together to inspire, motivate, and celebrate each other.

 You can connect with Jeff in the following ways:

Website –

Email –

Phone – 585-943-6885

Instagram – @ironage_athletics

Twitter – @JeffreyLuke

Facebook – @IronAgeAthletics

Book – Atomic Habit by James Clear

Sponsor Info

Ned –

Use coupon code “silveredge” for 15% off your first purchase

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