Fitness Junkie Ray Gallagher

My guest this week is Ray Gallagher. Rays is a 66 year old former triathlete and fitness junkie who loves to workout and inspire others. Ray spent 30 years biking and running, competing in road races, numerous marathons and triathlons, including 4 Ironmans. After struggling with AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) and an eventual ablation surgery, he backed away from endurance training and embraced weight training. Join us this week as Ray discusses his personal fitness journey, and how he’s gotten in the best shape of his life at 66 years of age. You can connect with ray on Instagram @ bboomerfit.

During the show Ray mentioned the following resources:

The Haywire Heart by Christopher Case

Online Personal Training Services by Tom MacCormick

Online Training and Nutrition Services by Live Lean TV

MyFitnessPalFood Tracking App

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