Calling All Queen-agers, King-agers, Shapeshifters, and Team Universe with Julia Olson

My guest this week recently posted a before and after transformation picture on Instagram, and wrote this in the caption: “From day one I skipped over feelings of disgust with my body, lack of self-love, negative self-talk, and went straight to being the Queenager in my heart and soul.  I loved myself, I was healthy, vibrant, disciplined, committed, and had already shapeshifted inside.  The outside had to catch up. It would take time.  Years! I accepted the way reality manifests, slowly.  Waiting for the chess pieces on my life board to be strategically placed by Universal Laws that exist whether I saw them or not.  On Day One, I radically altered my thoughts.  I am healthy, strong, and lean no matter what my before picture showed.  My reality inside mattered.  Mindset. Spiritset.  Bodyset.  Be patient.”

Attention Queen-agers and King-agers, shapeshifters and team universe, we’re in for a treat today.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Olson.  Julia is a 64 year old childhood diabetic, double organ transplant and triple cardiac transplant survivor with an amazing transformation story.  If you’re a fan of how the human spirit and body can triumph over adversity, of how it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves, then you’re in for a real treat today. 

Julia has had to overcome quite a bit in her life.  As a child she lost her little sister to cancer, and then at age 11 was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic -which eventually led to her giving herself 4-6 injections daily.  When she hit her thirties, she was told her kidneys were failing, and she opted for a still experimental double organ transplant.  In her forties she had triple cardiac bypass surgery, and then in her fifties she had a thyroidectomy.  Then in her sixties she came up on her 30 year organ transplant anniversary and decided she wanted to honor the gift of life she’d been given, which resulted in a first place finish in masters bikini bodybuilding show at age 64.

You can connect with Julia on Instagram @dolphinine

We discussed the following resources on this episode:

Wonder Women Coaching Group –

Wonder Women Instagram – thewonderwomenofficial

Michelle MacDonald Instagram – @yourhealthyhedonista

Talum Strength Club Website –

Joan MacDonald Instagram – @trainwithJoan

Click HERE for the transcript.

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