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Let me ask you a personal question – are you happy?  I mean you’re listening to the Over 50 Health & Wellness podcast right now, so I’ll assume you’re at least a little bit happy right now.  But are you big-picture happy?  I suppose we should define happiness.  The dictionary states that happiness is a feeling of pleasure or contentment – or having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with a person, arrangement, or situation.  And I suppose that definition works for us. 

But we live in a time when unhappiness increasingly seems to be normalized.  The global pandemic, our current political divisiveness, and the 24/7 media and news barrage have made us fearful and anxious.  But I have to imagine that most of us want more happiness in our lives, we want pleasure and contentment, we want a sense of confidence and satisfaction.  And while we may not have much control over pandemics and politics, we do have control over how we react to these things.  Maybe what we need is a happiness warrior to help show us the way.

My guest today is Eric North.  Eric, aka The Happiness Warrior – is on a mission to forge a new path in a changing and challenging world.  He wants to change the common narrative of fear, uncertainty, and unhappiness to a message of self-love and acceptance, to help lead us to living a life full of happiness.  In this episode Eric shares his personal story of becoming the Happiness Warrior and his 5 Core Happiness Warrior Values. 

Below are the resources we discussed in this episode:

Website –

Instagram – @happinesswarrior1

Facebook –  @TheHappinessWarrior

YouTube –

StretchWorkz –

Performance Rejuvenation Center –

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