Natural Movement and Tree Climbing with Laurence Mitchell

Our guest today is Laurence Mitchell. Laurence is a 66 year old fitness and wellness enthusiast who thrives on keeping fit through natural movement parkour and particularly free style tree climbing. In this episode we discuss Laurence’s unconventional fitness journey and gives some great practical advice on getting started on parkour and tree climbing later in life. You can follow Laurence on Instagram @ fitforover60.  Laurence was diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and Asbergers rather late in his life (age 49). He is an author and public speaker on the subjects, and you can learn more about this part of his life on his YouTube channel:

Laurence mentions the following resources during this episode:

Laurence’s picture gallery:
Ben Medder Instagram – @benmedder
Ben Medder Movement Training Website –
Dan Edwardes Instagram – @dan_edwardes
Dan Edwards Parkour Training Website –
Parkour Generations Website –
Jane Dowling Instagram – @menoandme

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