Unleashing Your Vitality & Adventure in Life’s Second Half with Kelly Howard

By Kevin English | September 19, 2023 |

Today, we’re diving deep into a topic that resonates with so many of us in the second half of our lives. It’s about the journey of rediscovering our health, vitality, and the sheer joy of movement. Many of us have been on that rollercoaster of life, juggling multiple responsibilities, from work, taking care of our…

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Know Your Why with Heidi Crown

Our guest today is Heidi Crown. Heidi is a 53-year-old nutrition and fitness coach who started her fitness journey five years ago when she was diagnosed with a degenerative hip disease. In this episode we learn about Heidi’s fitness journey; how she went from barely being able to walk without pain to the fittest she’s…

Overcoming Cancer with Jo White

We all must overcome difficulties and obstacles in our lives, it’s part of the human condition. Our guest today is Jo White, and his response to difficulties is nothing short of heroic. Jo is a 53-year-old adventure training instructor, fitness ambassador, a husband and a father. He is also a cancer sufferer. In 2014 Jo…

Podcast Introduction

In this episode I introduce myself as the podcast host and tell you a bit about my own personal fitness journey. Download the Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast wherever you get podcasts or click the link below to listen now.