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Let me ask you a question. Who’s in charge of your health and wellbeing? I mean, who has ultimate responsibility for your health as you age? We’re conditioned to believe that this is the responsibility of the medical community, since after all they are the experts. They spent all those grueling years in medical school, did their internship, and have practiced medicine for a number of years and have all of that accumulated wisdom. But here’s the deal, these amazing men and women are for the most part trained and responsible for sick care and disease care. But sick care, disease care, and injury care only play a small role in how you age. In other words, they are only a small piece of the healthy aging puzzle.

My guest today used a term I never heard before – in fact I think she may have coined the phrase – and that’s compliant aging. And what she means by this is too many aging people simply accept that getting weaker, losing mobility, and becoming frail and unable to enjoy life to the fullest is simply a natural part of the aging process. We blindly accept the common narrative that we’re “over the hill,” or “it’s all downhill from here.” And while aging is inevitable – in large part we get to decide HOW we age. And all of us would rather be healthy, strong, and vibrant as we age as opposed to sick and frail.

My guest today is Joni Grant. Joni is the author of the book Train to Age. She is also a competitive power lifter, personal trainer, and functional aging specialist. But she wasn’t always fit of strong – in fact, quite the opposite. She was weak and overweight, had never really worked out in her entire life, and then one day a friend talked her into joining her in a CrossFit class. She wasn’t a fan of CrossFit, but she fell in love with the barbell, and began her slow journey from obese and weak to competing in powerlifting meets. Today Joni is on a mission to educate seniors that they get to decide how they age.

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