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There are many ways of defining fitness. My Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines fitness as, “the condition of being fit; suitability, appropriateness, healthiness, etc.” Which might just be the worst definition in the history of definitions – I’m no scholar, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to use the word you’re defining in the actual definition.

So, back to the dictionary for a definition of fit. The dictionary defines the adjective fit as “in good physical condition, healthy.” OK, so a little better there – but it seems vague and still not particularly helpful. 

But I suppose a better question would be – what does fitness mean to you? It seems to me that we all tend to view fitness through our own lens. Ask an endurance runner what fitness is and she’ll likely answer that it’s someone who can go long distances. Ask a sprinter and the answer is likely to be someone who is very fast. Ask a power lifter and the answer will almost certainly include strength and the ability to lift very heavy things.

Today’s guest has her own take on the definition of what it means to be fit, and I think you’ll be hard pressed to argue with her definition!

My guest today is Dr. Paula Chambers. Paula is a dance healer and somatic educator whose mission is helping people build wellness, mindfulness, and self-esteem by moving to music, sensing their bodies, and feeling their feeling. Join us today as Paula helps us reconnect to our feelings through movement.

You can connect with Paula in the following ways:

Facebook – @SFValleyNia

Instagram – @drpaulachambers

Signup link for “Intro to Nia Technique with Paula Chambers” – this event takes place on January 8, 2023

Paula is offering listeners to this podcast one free Nia class (you could use it for the intro class mentioned above) – use coupon code SILVEREDGE

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