Rethinking Our Food Supply with Tyler Dawley

We live in strange times. Most of us now live in urban environments, and we’ve become completely disconnected from our food. Even the types of things we call food has changed drastically in recent history. It’s highly doubtful that someone 200 years ago would recognize some of the ultra-processed, colorfully packaged substances we eat as food.

For most of human existence we’ve eaten plants and animals and had an intimate connection with our food. Today we shop in clean well-lit grocery stores where our food is neatly processed, packaged, and labeled. And most of us have never seen the foods we eat in its original state, let alone raised, tended, harvested, and processed it – we’ve wholesale outsourced our foods supply to big business, factory farms, and industrial scale agriculture. And this is taking a toll on our health and wellbeing. 

My guest today is Tyler Dawley. Tyler is part of a new vanguard of farmer who are rethinking old paradigms. His generation of small farmers are questioning and reimagining the family farm traditions and implementing regenerative farming practices not just because it’s better for the earth and livestock, but because it allows them to compete with the industrial food machine on their own terms.

Tyler’s family have owned the Big Bluff Ranch for six decades – that’s four generations. Join us today as Tyler shares what it’s like to be a rancher raising grass fed beef and pasture poultry.

Tyler mentioned the following resources during this show:

Website –

Book – Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson 

Jo Robinson’s Website –

Book – Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

Facebook – @bigbluffranch1

LinkedIn –

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