Coach’s Corner – Now Is the Time To Put a Holiday Strategy In Place

Here’s what we’re covering in today’s episode.  I start off talking about my new Holiday Accountability offer that I’m launching today, and then I share a couple of news stories I read this week that I found interesting.  Next I discuss what’s more important for weight loss – how much you eat versus what you eat (believe it or not there’s actually a war being waged on social media over this right now).  Then I discuss the role of supplementation for folks over 50, including my current supplementation routine, and I wrap up by sharing my thoughts on why I’m so passionate about fitness.  Below are time stamps in case you want to skip ahead.

Time Stamps

1:41 Holiday Accountability Program Launch

5:13 In The News

12:48 What’s More Important for Weight Loss?  How Much You Eat vs. What You Eat

17:26 What Supplements Do People Over 50 Need?

25:13 Why I’m Passionate About Fitness


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Lobster Lady News Story HERE

Never Do These Exercises News Story HERE

NPR Strength Training News Story HERE

Dr. Morgan Nolte Podcast Interview (Low Insulin Lifestyle) –

Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder HERE

Energy Bits Algae – – Use coupon code “silveredge” at checkout for 20% discount

Muscle Feast Whey Isolate Protein Powder HERE

Podcast Interview with Catharine Arnston (Energy Bits CEO) –

Blog Post on My Testosterone Story HERE

Click HERE for transcript.

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